Getting Stars!

I don't think I've said this before, but on Fiverr and CCC (Casting Call Club), I've been getting some recommendations and reviews!

These are from CCC:

Those were from clients, directors, and fellow voice actors I worked with for projects.

These are from more clients from Fiverr.
It's especially important to get reviews on Fiverr since when people see you, they usually look for the reviews to see if I was easy to work with and professional. I'm happy I got five reviews so far, which might not seem like a lot, but it's still something, and I hope to get more in the future.

Making a Video Presentation for Future Clients!

Today I made a video of me editing to show people that would be interested in hiring me for editing their podcast. Although the video may have been a little too long; it was around 15 minutes. If I were to present it to people, then it could get boring and annoying quickly. I didn't want to have to re-record it since it took a while to do the whole video, and I had to edit it afterward. My dad gave me the idea of breaking up the video so that I could present it in different pieces. If one part was me adding effects, I could snip a few minutes of it, and that could be one thing I could show them.

Here's the video I made:

Past Weeks and Future Hopes

A lot of things have happened these past few weeks, getting set up on Fiverr finally being one. I feel like I've gotten further with my talent, but of course, "I have much to learn!" One of the podcasts I've been editing for almost 3 years now is now paying per episode (before it was more of a practice thing, but every once in a while he would pay me $50 or $100), so I'm really excited that I'm now starting to make better money. 

I'm saving up to get a decent car by the time I can drive, and I also want to set aside money to go on a trip to France. 

I'm hoping within the next few years I can get an agent (yep, I wanna upgrade!) to find the jobs for me. If/when I go 100% professional in the voice-over world, I would like to voice act for shows and movies. But that's a very tight and competitive situation to get that far up, so I think I'd prefer to narrate for audiobooks, online explainer videos, commercials, etc. 

I'd also like to do audio engineering, which I'd prefer to do as my main job. Then I'd like to work for those big studios like Disney, Pixar, 20th Century Fox, etc, which means it would probably mainly be specifically sound design. The only problem is that if I somehow did get a job with a big studio, they'd want me to be at their own studio, that means I would have to travel a lot, versus voice acting which I could do at home (I like traveling, but there's only so much I can bear). But if (and I plan to) have a family that could be fun to take them with me for vacations.

I've also had an idea for my future house to have a separate building next to the house to use as my own personal studio for voice acting and audio engineering.

Well, those are my future ideas, hopes, and plans for when I'm over 21 (I'm only 13, so I got a long way to go!)

Voice Acting For an Official Videogame!

The very first Fiverr gig I got was for a videogame a company was going to pitch to some publishers (this was a month from the time I wrote this). later I contacted the man who hired me and asked how the pitches were going. He said they were going great! 3 are interested in publishing it, but he couldn't tell me since he was signed under a contract to keep it private. I was very excited (and I still am)! If it goes well, then this could be my first big voice job. He also said if it goes well, then he'll hire me again to do more voices.

Then he sent me the trailer!

I think it looks awesome! I really hope it goes well!

Finishing Up Another Fiverr Gig

A few days ago I finished recording for another Fiverr gig. This one was different from most of my gigs; I had to count from 0 to 100! I also had to say "plus, minus, times, divided by, equals," and things like "good job" and "next level." I think the man who hired me needed my voice for a math videogame, considering what my script said.

I'm so glad I took the next step of getting on Fiverr, and I think the more gigs I get, I'll slowly get more and more. And one of the best parts (besides making moola 🤑) is using the gig experiences into my portfolio.