Using Buzzsprout for Publishing Podcasts

My brother Gideon recommended me "Buzzsprout", which is a podcast hosting service where you distribute and publish podcasts to listening platforms like Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, etc.

I created a Buzzsprout account to try to upload my own podcast, as the next step I want to take in my business is to offer podcast publishing as a service, this way I'm closer to taking care of everything for a podcaster.

I learned how to use Buzzsprout pretty easily, and learned about RSS feeds, which is a link that has your podcast info encoded, and what you give to listening platforms such as Spotify. I created a test podcast for a client and listed it on Spotify and Stitcher, but I had to wait a bit for both platforms to approve the podcast. Spotify accepted it pretty fast, but I'm still waiting on Stitcher to approve.

I was able to upload an mp3 file really fast, as well as artwork for the episode and artwork for the whole podcast (like a logo), and a description. Sometimes podcasts will have a whole blog post, show notes, description of a guest, or links to sources they mention during the interview for their listener.

Another great feature with Buzzsprout is that I can have multiple podcasts under 1 account, and save all the presets and artwork for the episodes. In the future I'd like to be publishing for tons of podcasts, so Buzzsprout can help me manage so many.