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Questions for Potential Clients to Get a Quote

I decided it'd be much easier for me and potential clients that visit my website to have a fill out a form of questions about their podcasts to help understand where they're at and what they need done on their podcast.

Here's the list I made:

  • How old is your podcast?
  • How many hosts does your podcast have?
  • How many guests per episode does your podcast usually have?
  • Do you want us to *scrub your podcast episodes? *Remove uh's, um's, mouth clicks, aspirations, repetition, dead space, call interruptions, and fixing of any other little inconvenience during the episode
  • Do you want us to *mix and master your podcast? *cue, mix, and overlay music and clips with the main recorded interview file, such as your intro, sponsor segment, or ending theme music
  • How long are each of your episodes?
  • What is your episode release schedule?
  • Do you want us to *publish your podcast episodes? *We will make sure your episodes get to outlets for your listeners to listen from, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and more. You may add your own description, titles, or artwork

All of these questions help me determine the work it'll take to work for their podcast, and from that, I will understand a better and more fair price point to charge them. The questions are all multiple choice to make the process a little easier (I can't put the choices here since posthaven won't let me).