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A Minecraft Script I'm Reading For Gideon's Friend to Test the Snowball

My brother, Gideon, has a Minecraft forum and one of his friends asked him to read a script that he gave Gideon. Gideon read it and recorded it but Gideon said that his recording wasn't good, so he asked me to read it. I have already read it and recorded it, but I'm not sure if it's good enough (some of the words in the were made up in this story)

Tell me if you like this recording, tell me what parts I could differently:

The reason Gideon's friend wanted me to record his script is because we have a mic called the "Snow Ball" and he wasn't sure if he should get the Snow Ball so he wrote up a script and had me read it. If it recorded my voice well then he will get the Snow Ball.

Rip 'n Read Script: "Other Sunglasses Sell For"

This is a script Coach Carrie Olsen gave to each of us during today's workgroup session. This is a "Rip and Read" practice, which means we don't know much about the script and try it without practicing too much.

OTHER Sunglasses sell for one hundred, two hundred, even three hundred dollars and they don’t have HD Vision lenses, that cut through glare and give you high definition color and clarity. 

Call now and you can get our brand new HD Aviators for just three payments of $19.99!

Script: "Salt" by Arthur Ransome

Salt by Arthur Ransome

(Introduction section of the fable with narrator voice and three characters)

ONE evening, when they were sitting round the table after their supper, old Peter asked the children what story they would like to hear. Vanya asked whether there were any stories left which they had not already heard.

"Why," said old Peter, "you have heard scarcely any of the stories, for there is a story to be told about everything in the world."

"About everything, grandfather?" asked Vanya.

"About everything," said old Peter.

"About the sky, and the thunder, and the dogs, and the flies, and the birds, and the trees, and the milk?"

"There is a story about every one of those things."

"I know something there isn't a story about," said Vanya.

"And what's that?" asked old Peter, smiling in his beard.

"Salt," said Vanya. "There can't be a story about salt." He put the tip of his finger into the little box of salt on the table, and then he touched his tongue with his finger to taste.

"But of course there is a story about salt," said old Peter.

"Tell it us," said Maroosia; and presently, when his pipe had been lit twice and gone out, old Peter began.