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How many hours of practice in one year?

Here is a picture of some math I have been working on. 

This is what I wanted to know:

If l were to do voice acting for four hours every day except on Sundays for one year, how many hours would that be? 

Well, there's 365 days in a year, right? Well if we divide 365 by 7 we would get the number 52. That is the number of Sundays in one year. Then we take 365 minus 52 Sundays and we get 313 days. That is 313 days of work.

Now if we quadruple the amount 313, we would get 1,252. So the answer is 1,252 hours of voice acting work.

If I only practiced for two hours, then it would 626 hours of voice acting practice.

If I only practiced for one hour, then it would just be 313 hours of voice acting practice.

I would like to probably do two hours a day first and then when once I get more organized, I will probably do four hours a day.