tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:/posts Voice of Simeon 2020-11-05T18:13:28Z Simeon Harris tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1612712 2020-11-05T18:11:21Z 2020-11-05T18:11:21Z I Launched my New Website for Quail Audio Editing

Today I launched my new website for my podcast editing business.

Quail Audio Editing

I bought the domain name from godaddy.com, and I'm using the hosting service from squarespace.com. Buying the domain cost me around $20 per year from GoDaddy, and I bought a yearly subscription from SquareSpace for $140.

I created one page where I included samples, a short video showcasing my process, and a contact form to fill out.

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1602237 2020-10-08T23:25:34Z 2020-10-08T23:25:34Z Sound Design for a Krunker Trailer Animation

The video game Krunker is being released on Steam, one of the biggest gaming platforms in the world. But they need a trailer for Krunker, so they're offering $4000 to whoever can make the best trailer for Krunker (teams allowed). This trailer would be displayed in front of millions of people on steam. This is a very big step for Krunker, so it's a pretty big deal in the community right now, especially with the prize of $4000. 3 weeks after that was announced, many of the best editors in Krunker have organized teams and made their own trailers. 
2 days ago, the trailers were reviewed. There was one trailer that they especially liked, made by one of my friends. They said it was pretty good, but the sound could've been better. A friend of mine then suggested I could redo the sound design in a part of the trailer. And so I did. Everything you hear in the animation below is what I've added/mixed together.

Here's a screen shot of the multi track:

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1595056 2020-09-17T01:55:55Z 2020-11-05T18:13:28Z Hosting My Own Podcast - Krunker Curtain Call

One of my friends in the Krunker community, Sage, a few weeks ago messaged me with a good idea: "you've mentioned you edit podcasts. Maybe you should start your own about Krunker and interview people that work for the game". Excellent idea.

I talked with him about it, and Sage being a well known figure in the community, said he could use his connections to get me connected with people to interview. I would be interviewing texture artists, coders, skin makers, content creators, and other "game devs" that help make this game amazing.

I thought it'd be great to have Sage as my first guest, as he is one of the best map makers in Krunker. We then scheduled a call for last Friday. I had originally come up with a ton of questions for him, but then after reviewing it, he said it didn't flow good enough. He then spent about 5 minutes and wrote up a few of his own questions. His system flowed so much better, and felt more as if it was a conversation when I used his questions.

The interview was pretty fun, and I felt comfortable. It went better than I expected, and it felt more like a conversation than an interview (which is what I want). Ofc, it definitely wasn't perfect. There's gonna be a lot to take in this, as we were both nervous and messed up here and there. I'll continue to blog about my journey through this :)

Check out the channel here

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1592985 2020-09-10T18:22:34Z 2020-09-10T23:17:41Z Descript for the First Time!

DESCRIPT IS AMAZING! I recorded a video of me trying it out for the first time. 

You can watch it here: 

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1592779 2020-09-10T00:54:15Z 2020-09-10T00:54:15Z Trying out Descript

I've recently been looking into a software called "Descript". This software allows you to auto remove ums, uhs, long spaces, etc. in a podcast recording. Basically, all the frustrating grunt work that can take hours when editing a podcast. I remember when me and my dad when he used to help me/do all the editing two years ago talked about how amazing it would be if there was a tool that auto removed every um and uh. Not only can this software auto remove just the ums and uhs, it also processes all of the words in the recording and writes the whole episode down on what each person says. It can even separate the words per voice, so you could see everything written down in paragraphs.
After writing this, I'll be testing out Descript on a due podcast I must edit, and see how it goes. I imagine it'll save a good hour of editing per episode, and be less exhausting, leaving just overall effects and denoise to do for the episode.

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1590108 2020-09-02T22:45:00Z 2020-09-02T22:49:25Z My Dream Job

I know this could easily change over the next few years to come, but I've given it some thought, and I think my "dream job" would be owning my own audio production company. This could include editing and mixing for podcasts, sound design for movies, audio books, video games, or audio dramas, and it could also include even music production for any scenario. I especially have the classic "Hollywood and film industry" dream when it comes to sound design. But I wouldn't want to be working just for a certain company's films, as I'd prefer to own my own company for that situation (or any situation) so that I can do work for other projects as well. 

What I'd like to see myself working in 10 years would be working as an apprentice at Skywalker Ranch in southern CA and learn from all the pros.

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1589303 2020-09-01T00:57:13Z 2020-09-01T18:06:29Z Re-doing Movie Sound Effects: Spiderman Spiderverse

I wanted a bit of practice with sound design, so I decided it would be cool if I got a short clip from a movie, muted it, then re-did all the sound design. I got this scene from the Spiderman Spider-Verse movie, where he jumps off a building to try out his new suit and swing from building to building. The whole scene itself didn't have many sounds, as it was mainly focused on the music that was being played.

This took around 6 hours to make, about 15 tracks were involved, and about 200 sound effects were used for this 1 minute long clip. Enjoy :)

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1581387 2020-08-05T18:43:29Z 2020-08-05T18:43:29Z Current Process for Editing Podcast Episodes Are you starting a podcast, but need help with editing to make it shine?
I'm just the man for the job.

Here's my current process for editing episodes that I use for the Richer Soul podcast by Rocky Lalvani:

  • Receive raw podcast recorded files from Google Drive placed there by the client.

  • Equalize, compress, level the audio, and remove white noise so the audio sounds crisp and clear.

  • Then I edit the main interview file, and remove the following:
    Uh's, um's
    Mouth clicks, aspirations
    Dead space
    Call interruptions
    Background noise

  • I then edit the extra teaser clips, intros, and outros provided by the client.

  • Then I cue, mix, and overlay the music and clips with the main recorded interview file.

  • I double check and skim over the interview to make sure I didn't miss anything.

  • I save the whole main podcast episode as a backup and un-constructed in case of issues.

  • I save, upload, and send the complete episode file to the client through Google Drive so the client can upload it to his podcast hosting service(s).
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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1571294 2020-07-09T18:50:43Z 2020-07-09T18:50:43Z New Computer Setup

These past few weeks my family has been doing a ton of clean up around the house, and I decided to do some cleanup in my "studio" (it's actually just a big walk in closet with my whole setup). The desk I've been using for the past year has actually been a plastic fold up table. Unfortunately, it's pretty flimsy and not very stable. A few days ago we were cleaning up a table in another room in the house, a fold up one, but much heavier, more stable, and even wood and metal. So I decided that it'd be better for my setup if I replaced my current table with this table. I then spent all day clearing everything off my table (speakers, monitors, receivers, microphones, and of course my computer). I put all of that stuff in corners of the rooms, then took down the fold up table. Then I vacuumed and picked up any junk laying around. At the end of the day, I had everything setup again except my microphones. Everything feels much better, and the new table is bigger as well. I found an extra monitor laying around as well, so I bought a cord from Amazon so I could connect the monitor to my computer. I now have 3 working monitors at once!

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1563553 2020-06-25T17:06:32Z 2020-06-30T02:22:19Z Sound Design

I recently got in contact with some of the developers of a video game called Krunker. I've actually enjoyed playing the game myself for the past 8 months, and have come to realize that many of the sounds could definitely be improved. Fortunately for me, I had one of the lead developer's contact, as we had talked several months ago about something different not related to sound design. 
A few days ago, I decided to contact that developer, Vince, and ask him if the dev team could use help with my audio work with sound effects. I didn't expect him to respond, as he's always very busy working on the game and talking with the other developers or people that are working on the game. A few hours later he did respond, and said I was just the person they needed. According to him, the main devs were the ones having to do the sound design, but they don't have experience doing that work, so usually the sounds are low quality or don't match the given objects for them. 
He then assigned me to a job immediately to test my skills. He wants me to make a new sound for one of the main guns, an SMG. I've already spent over an hour on this one sound, as I want to get it just right. You can here it down below: 

I've already sent it to the dev, but at the time of me posting this, he has not seen it yet.]]>
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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1543802 2020-05-13T00:23:34Z 2020-05-14T00:33:04Z The Chronicles of Narnia Practice Recording, "Wrong Will Be Right"

Recorded with the Audio Technica AT-2020. 

Here are two points I can improve on, after listening to myself:

  • Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight  -  I think I emphasized too many words in the same sentence: the "right" word and "Aslan" word. I should only keep one in. In my opinion, it should be only the word "right" that should be emphasized. If I overdo the emphasis, it becomes too distracting to understand where the important parts are to pay attention.
  • We shall have spring again  -  I think I went to rough on the emphasis on the word "spring". Most people imagine spring as a happy time, right before Summer. The way I said it, I made it feel more like Fall or Winter.
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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1521495 2020-03-19T00:09:29Z 2020-03-19T04:24:21Z A new Favorite Youtuber

I've been watching a YouTuber named Peter McKinnon. He's a professional photographer and videographer and makes amazing videos and takes stunning photos! He teaches how to be a photographer and how to take great videos, including editing, post, positions for photos, etc.
He uses a lot of Adobe, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects. He's very descriptive with his tutorials, and probably the best teacher about photography I could find on Youtube.
I'd like to do some photography, and especially video editing, and I'd probably take pictures of around Lake California. What's also funny and what I enjoy about him is how Candian he is, the way he pronounces his "about"s and "sorry"s 😂
He's been on Youtube for about 5 years I believe, and has built up 4.47M subscribers!

Here's one of my favorite of his videos:

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1515801 2020-03-02T22:44:01Z 2020-03-02T22:44:02Z My New Computer

So, as you can probably guess from the title, I got my new computer, the Macbook Air! It's been working out great, and can run Adobe Audition pretty well. I haven't gotten any crashes or lag, and it loads the files fairly quickly. I've had it for a week now, and it's been holding up great! It has 128 GB storage, and I've only used about 5 GB. I'd like to test other programs like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Lightroom (those and Audition are the only Adobe softwares I use). Google works out fine as well. I haven't really tested out the camera very much, but I did take a quick look and it looks alright. Another thing I would/will test if it can handle my microphone. If it can, that'll really prove itself!

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1508300 2020-02-11T00:10:37Z 2020-02-11T01:02:54Z New Computer?

In the past few weeks, I've been considering getting a new computer, a laptop to be specific. It's not because my computer's not working, but that it's a desktop, so I can't bring it around with me to places if I want to edit or do my schoolwork. If I do, usually, my dad lets me take his computer laptop. Still, though it works for the essential needed apps like Google Chrome or Firefox, it lags and some times even crashes with my audio program, Adobe Audition.

I've decided I would like to get a MacBook air. But not the latest, since I found a previous model on amazon for $250 cheaper than the latest. But I wouldn't get it for just the price. Apple removed the USB port in the latest MacBook air, which would be a big issue since my mouse is USB, so I wouldn't be able to plug it into the computer. But the previous model does still have the USB port, so I could then use my mouse.


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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1507152 2020-02-06T23:27:42Z 2020-02-06T23:27:42Z Making a Relaxing Audio Piece (ASMR?)

Yesterday, I put together this:

This hour-long audio clip of riding a horse through the stormy night took 14 sound effects, consisting of rain, horse hooves, thunder, etc.
For this long audio clip, I did it in multitrack, and it took ten tracks.
Here's an image of the multitrack:

On the far left, you can see all the audio files used in the multitrack. I get all my sounds from many different libraries online, and when I download them, I keep them in my own library. There were a lot of key sounds needed that most people wouldn't think would be important, but if they weren't in, you'd know it'd be missing them. For instance, for the horse, I first only added horse hooves. But then I thought it needed something with it, as it sounded as if you were riding it bareback. So then, I found a sort of "jingling" metal and item movement, to make it sound like a saddle or other items on the horse as well.
Then, of course, there was the ambient storm going on. I used about 5 different sound effects, including wind, rain, and thunder. Combined, I think it sounds great. Plus, the horse hooves' sound effect was on a mud surface.

Note: I've realized that if you want to make an audio piece sound like night, just add crickets and heavy wind.

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1506356 2020-02-04T19:31:39Z 2020-02-04T23:01:15Z Joining a Choir

Last week I joined a choir near where we live. A friend from our church recommended it, as he was in it and had attended for the past three years. My dad and I got to see the choir perform a Christmas special last year, and enjoyed it very much.
Last week, my mom signed me up for the choir, and I, along with about 17 other students, got our first lessons. I was impressed by the lessons our teacher taught us. She first arranged us from male to female so she could keep everything orginized. There were many more boys this time than last year, according to my friend who had invited me. Our teacher then arranged for us students in particular ways so that she could hear each one of us.

After that, we did some vocal breathing warmups.

The teacher handed out a small paper book with one song in each one (I forget which song it was) for us to sing. We then started to learn notes, what voice pitch types we were, etc. I now go every Tuesday, and I am enjoying it thoroughly!

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1499265 2020-01-15T02:00:55Z 2020-01-16T02:30:59Z Editing The Podcast Sample

When I edited the sample for MandRproductions (you can read more in the previous blog post to this one), the editing was a little different than usual. Here's what I did: I first cleaned out the white background noise and started the "dynamics processing" (that I always do).

This episode was a live one, so I had to cut out any phrases of the host or guest(s) mentioning that it was live. This is different than what I usually do, only once or twice have I edited a live episode.

I then looked for any disconnections, long non-related discussions that come up, repetition, etc. (also what I always do, though it was more common in this episode)

Now for the hard part, finding the right music for the podcast episode. Why is it so hard? There are hundreds of different types of music, but only a few would sound right to the kind of podcast. For instance: one of my clients, the Pioneering Today podcast, is a podcast all about growing your food, raising your farm animals, etc. When I started editing for the podcast (about two years ago), I thought it needed some music to liven it up, since it didn't have any music at the time.

I contacted the host and asked what type of music she would want for the podcast. She said she would want a western/folk type of music, which made sense of the kind of the podcast. I sent her about five different copyright free songs for her to choose from, and she picked the one she liked most. If she or I had decided to try a different type of song, like hard metal music, it would sound pretty silly listening to metal music and then hear a podcast about homesteading.

So, I spent around an hour looking for the right music to match a podcast about Lego Star Wars, Movies, and video games. And, over a selection of about four songs, I picked one.

Here's the sample I sent:

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1497294 2020-01-09T18:32:43Z 2020-01-09T19:31:24Z Possible New Podcast Client
A Lego Youtuber I found a few months ago, MandRproductions, who does a lot of Lego set reviews, upcoming Lego news, Lego MOC reviews, etc.
Just recently, I found out he also has a podcast too, called Bricks and Bits. I gave an episode a listen, and I thought it was pretty good. He usually has around two guests (and I believe a co-host), and they talk about Legos, Star Wars (they're big Star Wars fans as well), videogames, movies, and what they're up to on their Youtube channels.
The only problem is that the audio quality was not the best and could use some audio editing work. For example, there are background noises, repetitions, trailing thoughts, etc. So, I decided that I would offer to edit the podcast. But, if I just messaged MandRproductions and said, "Hey, I can edit your podcast," he would ignore me. So, I then decided that I should edit the first ten minutes of one of his podcast episodes (he has done around 75 episodes), add in some intro music to "spice it up" (with music I paid copyright for), then send it to him. I do understand that even then, he might not respond because he probably gets many emails from fans.
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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1494914 2020-01-02T22:00:41Z 2020-01-03T23:35:51Z My Editing Workflow January 2020
  • Download episode through Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • Momentarily silence guest audio channel in multitrack (if guest)
  • Capture white noise print of the channel, then start the noise reduction process
  • Process auto gate at -35 decibels (anything under -35 decibels will be removed)
  • Process equalizer to raise quiet areas and lower loud areas
  • Raise volume to -6 decibels
  • Silence host audio file in multitrack, then repeat everything above
  • Edit out "um"s, "uh"s, filler words, repetition, breaths, clicks, background ambiance, folly noise, etc.
  • Look for large audio gap silence, then cut them out
  • Save file
  • Repeat process above on any intros, ads audio inserts, etc.
  • Attach the extra file pieces to the main episode file
  • Save file
  • Send to client either dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1490988 2019-12-19T23:10:32Z 2019-12-20T01:37:36Z Creating a New Demo

I recently listened back to my demo reel on Fiverr, and as I did, I knew it was time for some editing. Some of the voice files in my old demo reel were from earlier this year or even last year, and I thought I should update it. 

I kept some voice files from before in my first reel (about 6 or 7), but most of them are from recent jobs. Here's my new one:

This second demo reel is only for Fiverr though. In my most recent blog post, I talked about considering voice acting on the site, Voice123.com. The demo above took only about two hours to edit. Though I would really like to make several demos to prepare for Voice123 (it's still undecided). The reason I should make several is that since Voice123 is a pro site, clients would want to see my best work, and so I should keep categories organized. 
Most pro-voice-over sites require several demos for types of voice-overs you specialize in, such as character, narration, commercial, etc.

As you'll see in the video with the image slide, each voice file is a different type of voice-over. I was able to fit in character VO, educational VO, narration VO, and commercial VO (Voice Over) 
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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1488432 2019-12-13T00:00:53Z 2019-12-13T05:36:39Z Interested in Voice123.com

I've been interested in a site called Voice123.com. It's a site for all the pro voice actors. My past voice over coach recommended it along with a few others. I checked it out, and it's very professional! All the voice actors had some stunning voice over demos, and I was pretty impressed! I've enjoyed Fiverr (I've been on it for half a year now), but I'm not getting as many gigs as I'd like to. I know, Voice123 could be harder, in fact definitely will be to get voice over gigs, but I think it would push me to learn more. Although, the only thing holding me back is the monthly fee. It's kind of expensive, so I'd have to be making enough to pay it off, and still make extra money. But, I would have an advantage since there's practically no one under 16 on there, so if directors need a young teen voice, I would have a good chance. If I do join, I hope it works out. If so, this could be a very giant step forward in my voice over dream.

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1487244 2019-12-10T00:25:05Z 2019-12-10T01:06:51Z Helping a Family Make a Home Studio (Part 2)

I decided to write another blog post about helping the family make their home studio. When going over the things to get, the mom of the family said that she had been to a recording studio to record her singing voice. I know that her singing is excellent since I've heard her voice a few times. 

She said that when they finished recording, they added a lot of effects that made her voice "sound like a robot." I knew what she was talking about. 

Many people add TONS of effects to their voice to make it sound better. There's nothing wrong with effects, but you can get carried away with them. 

I think it's ok to use a small bit of it to give it that cherry on top. But if you overdo it, you'll sound like, well, a robot! 

I used to add a lot of compression effects to my voice to make it pop, but I soon learned it sounded fake. It didn't make me feel like I was listening to a real human being. Now, I don't add any effects to my voice, unless it's a commercial type gig (I can explain why, but it would take too long). Of course, excluding the little bit of noise reduction and dynamics processing!

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1485273 2019-12-03T23:35:18Z 2019-12-03T23:35:18Z Helping a Family Make a Home Studio

My sister's boyfriend's family talked to me about them wanting to make a home studio. Most of the kids in the family play instruments and sing, the mom is especially good at singing. They have been asked that they should record themselves, but they don't know what right equipment to get. They knew I did voice-over and audio engineering, so they asked me what they should get. So a few days later I sent them links to the equipment they could get. I gave them three choices depending on how much they were willing to spend: 

$471            with TWO Audio-Technica AT2020 mics, an audio interface, stands, and acoustic panels
$631            with TWO Rode NT1-A mics, an audio interface, stands, and acoustic panels
$1,111         with TWO Blue Baby Bottle mics, an audio interface, stands, and acoustic panels

When I went to their house, they had a whole room they wanted to make a studio. Unfortunately, it was very echoey and was full of reverb. They asked me if they would need the "echo stuff." So I included three dozen 12x12 (a square foot) acoustic foam panels to reduce the reverb. They also said they wanted several mics if there were several of them recording (like a singer and a guitar). So I gave them the choices between the Audio Technica AT2020 for $115 each, the Rode NT1-A for $195 each (I bought this one when it was $360, so the price has had a dramatic drop), or the Blue Baby Bottle Mic for around $350 each. Then, I put two microphone stands in the list (I found a bundle of my favorite cheap stands for just $33 for two stands). Then I put an audio interface jsut like mine, but with four channels instead of one, by Behringer. 

So they chose the $631 rout. I think they chose very well!

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1479341 2019-11-18T20:30:36Z 2019-11-19T04:42:04Z Adding Effects to Voice Narration

When I was going through things with the lady that wanted me to record the audiobook, she asked me to record a sample page from her book. I did and sent it to her. She asked if I could add effects to that audio quality, then gave me a sample of another narrator clip.
The main thing I noticed was that the narrator added a lot of EQ and compression. That makes your voice sound really crisp and come out more, and it helps a lot if you have a deep booming voice. In my personal opinion, I recommend that you don't use too much of it (it's fine if you add a little bit) for an audiobook. Even if you sound "epic," it's usually very distracting for a listener. But it's not always bad. In fact, it's very useful for online commercials, E-Learner videos, tutorials, intros, and sometimes character acting. The lady wanted it like that, so I added the effects, and she was satisfied.

This is the first sample without the effects:

The second sample with the effects:

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1477401 2019-11-13T23:18:35Z 2019-11-13T23:18:36Z Biggest VO Job Yet!

I was going to blog about this a month ago, but we were still figuring things out.

Anyway, a month ago, an author contacted me and asked if I was interested in narrating her audiobook (from home). She said it would be around 70,000 words long! So we talked for a month over different things like payment and content of the book. We agreed on $200 for every finished produced hour, and the book should be around 8-10 hours long. Just recently, she contacted me and said that we'd begin the recording process early next spring. It is in quite a while, but I've heard many voice actors say that voice over takes a lot of waiting.

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1469833 2019-10-24T22:19:01Z 2019-10-24T22:19:01Z Mike Russel Youtuber

I watch a lot of Mike Russel, an audio engineer and YouTuber with 140,000 subscribers, on Youtube to learn how to use tools in Adobe Audition. He's (at least I think) the best YouTuber that teaches how to use Audition. How he explains what he does and how to do things are great, and he's very experienced in the audio engineering world. He lives in England, Europe.

He's actually in California right now to visit other people. I thought this would be a great opportunity to meet him, but unfortunately, he's only staying in southern CA. He's been doing a vlog since the start of October (when he left for CA), so I've been able to keep up to date with what he's doing and who gets meet.

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1463906 2019-10-08T01:10:00Z 2019-10-08T06:43:32Z Custom Order With Sound Design

Four days ago, I got a message from someone on Fiverr. They sent me a short animation with a separate script. They needed me to voice a young ten-year-old boy, and he had 37 words. My prices on Fiverr are $10 for every 50 words, so the amount in all would be $10. On my gig, you can order extra things like proofreading, background music, one-day delivery, etc. They asked if the music included sound design (adding sound effects). I told them it doesn't, but that I do sound design, but I don't advertise it on Fiverr. I said I'd be willing to help them out with it. So I sent them the lines for the voice-over part, and now we're figuring out the audio engineering part. I want to charge them $40 for the music and the sound design.

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1462869 2019-10-04T22:01:45Z 2019-10-08T00:45:31Z Animated Short Finished!

A while back, you may remember I got cast or two characters for an animated short film I wrote about in a previous blog post. They just recently finished the animation! It turned out great, I think! It was a harder commission since it took more emotion, and I was playing two very similar characters. One of the characters, Ben, was around eight years old, so I had to sound younger. The other character, Parker, was about 13 years old, so I used my natural voice. The whole process of casting, practicing, and turning in lines took around a month or two. I didn't get to meet the rest of the cast, but that's common for most parts I get cast. Here's the finished animation:

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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1462482 2019-10-03T23:13:22Z 2019-10-04T00:01:09Z I Got to Visit a Real Recording Studio!

Yesterday I got to visit a real recording studio!! A friend of my dad's who went to the same school as him lives near us, and we just recently found out he's an audio engineer and has his own studio! So he invited us to his house. IT WAS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!

Here are some pics I took:

Here's a pic of the inside of his recording COMPLETELY soundproof booth. It was AWESOME! It was my natural habitat! It was so quiet on the inside! He built inside the main room of the house.

Aaaad here's a pic of his computer setup. I guessed that he probably uses Pro Tools, and I was right. Pro Tools is one of the best audio softwares available. He even had a custom programmed keyboard where each button does a different effect!

The whole experience was awesome, and I know that's what I'd like to be doing in ten years. It gave me some ideas and he told me a lot about what he does. He's not a voice actor himself, but people rent the studio for a few hours to their voice-overs. I hope to go there again soon and get some more wisdom!]]>
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tag:voiceofsimeon.posthaven.com,2013:Post/1459101 2019-09-27T00:56:59Z 2019-10-03T22:45:35Z Reaching 200 Episodes For a Client

Last week I finished episode 200 for the Pioneering Today Podcast! One of my clients, Melissa Norris (or for me M.K.N., da BOSS, or Mrs. Norris), is the host of the Pioneering Today Podcast. I started working for her around episode 115. 

My mom was/is great friends with her, so she suggested that I could help edit the podcast (well actually full-on edit it). She knew Mrs. Norris had a podcast and was having to spend extra time editing it herself. At that time I had already been editing another podcast for a year or to, and was excited to try taking on another podcast. 

As of now, I've edited over 300 podcast episodes! I don't know the exact amount of episodes I have edited, but by looking at the podcasts I can tell an approximate. Also, the average amount of hours I spend editing an episode is around 3 hours and 30 minutes, so that means I've edited for over 1,000 hours!

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