This lesson talks about Christianity transforming from an underground religion to widespread. This would be a massive change since the standard for religions is that "everyone can have their own god" and that there are multiple gods. Christianity would make a change with the stance that the Christian God cannot be compared to the pagan gods, and in fact he is the only 1 true God. 

A Roman general conducted an experiment where he interviewed people from Rome. He asked whether they were Christian or not. The ones who said they were he ordered executed, the one's who denied they were he let go, and the ones who said they were Christian but were Roman citizens he transported out of Rome.

He interrogated some of the self proclaimed Christians, and they told him their traditions which consisted of collective prayers, praising, hymn singing, etc. 

Wes Anderson Film Style

After seeing many of Tyler the Creator's music videos, I was very curious on what inspired his style of filming in the videos. After some looking around on the internet, I noticed his music videos look a lot like Wes Anderson style films, but with more "grain" and a vintage look. Youtube suggested a video on "The Wes Anderson Style Explained", and naturally I was curious on what exactly makes it so unique, and personally I LOVE the style of his films.

One of his main special touches is the camera movement and placement. He always has the camera facing "flat", which means that instead of using side angles or any angles that isn't 90 or 180 degrees, he keeps it face forward or exactly to the side. Here's some image examples I made with some of his movie shots:

The lines show that both subjects (the characters) are right in the middle, and the background perfectly faces the camera.

Even in panning shots in his movies (which he uses a lot) he always moves them at 90 or 180 degree angles! 

And the best part of the look of his films are the colors he uses, which are always very bright and usually pastel type colors.

I would really like to try photography in his style, but many of his shots are mainly constructed out of the objects and buildings in the shots, so I'd have to find good locations.

The Grinch Soundtrack by Tyler the Creator

I've mentioned many times before that Tyler the Creator is one of my favorite music artists. He's extremely creative, and he's constantly changing his styles and has changed a LOT over the past 10-15 years. Some-what recently, he did a small collection of songs for the new "The Grinch" animated movie, as well as 2 main theme tracks that were mainly played at different scenes in the movie. He's an interesting choice to make the music, as pretty much ALL his past music is not family/kid-friendly, and he's been in plenty of controversies, so much respect to the studio of The Grinch movie to see past that.

The Grinch soundtrack by Tyler is personally I think one of his most beautiful pieces of work, and the studio definitely let him have his own freedom in creating it (except of course he had to keep it family-friendly). I really wish he made some of the songs longer, such as "Whoville", the opening song in the collection. Whoville is definitely my favorite song in the collection, it's so warm and "Disney" sounding, the piano, in the beginning, reminds me of the show/comics "Peanuts". It sells the kid feeling perfect, it makes me want to curl up warm by a fire while it's snowing outside. Then at the end, it gets more into the strings/orchestral sounds, which I think was inspired by his previous recent album "Flower Boy" where he used very similar sounds.

Here's the full collection plus the 2 main tracks:

Cleaning my Vans Sneakers

I have a small collection of Vans, my favorite brand of shoes/sneakers, but some of them are pretty dirty and even a bit muddy. I wanted to see them good as new again, so I searched up different ways to clean shoes, but specifically the materials of my vans. Across the shoes the main textures are canvas, suede, and fake leather.

It seemed the best things to use for cleaning the shoes were dish soap, baking soda, or laundry detergent, so I decided to do all three. I mixed them in a small bin with hot water, and then got a hand scrub with bristles and scrubbed down the shoes.

There were some mess-ups I realized after the shoes had dried, but overall it worked great! One of the shoes I scrubbed was suede and green, and I should have been more careful scrubbing it since some of the color got removed. It isn't noticeable on the shoe, but the color got in the water, and the blue color that came off and mixed with the water dyed the soles a bit. It's not very noticeable, but compared to other colors I can tell easier. 

I also should've mixed the baking soda in the water more, as after the shoes dried I could see some of it on the shoe. I'm sure I can remove it pretty easily.

Making Another Sound Design Parody

After the success of my Tyler the Creator sound design parody, where I recreated one of his music videos but WITHOUT the music. 

This time, I decided I'd do a music video from NF: "When I Grow Up". This one took about twice as long as the previous video I did of Tyler the Creator, totaling to about 15 hours of editing. I got all my sound effects, and edited everything in Adobe Audition. 

Here's what the timeline looked like once I was finished editing it all:

Here's the original song video: 
Here's my finished edit of the video: