Sound Design

I recently got in contact with some of the developers of a video game called Krunker. I've actually enjoyed playing the game myself for the past 8 months, and have come to realize that many of the sounds could definitely be improved. Fortunately for me, I had one of the lead developer's contact, as we had talked several months ago about something different not related to sound design. 
A few days ago, I decided to contact that developer, Vince, and ask him if the dev team could use help with my audio work with sound effects. I didn't expect him to respond, as he's always very busy working on the game and talking with the other developers or people that are working on the game. A few hours later he did respond, and said I was just the person they needed. According to him, the main devs were the ones having to do the sound design, but they don't have experience doing that work, so usually the sounds are low quality or don't match the given objects for them. 
He then assigned me to a job immediately to test my skills. He wants me to make a new sound for one of the main guns, an SMG. I've already spent over an hour on this one sound, as I want to get it just right. You can here it down below: 

I've already sent it to the dev, but at the time of me posting this, he has not seen it yet.

The Chronicles of Narnia Practice Recording, "Wrong Will Be Right"

Recorded with the Audio Technica AT-2020. 

Here are two points I can improve on, after listening to myself:

  • Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight  -  I think I emphasized too many words in the same sentence: the "right" word and "Aslan" word. I should only keep one in. In my opinion, it should be only the word "right" that should be emphasized. If I overdo the emphasis, it becomes too distracting to understand where the important parts are to pay attention.
  • We shall have spring again  -  I think I went to rough on the emphasis on the word "spring". Most people imagine spring as a happy time, right before Summer. The way I said it, I made it feel more like Fall or Winter.

A new Favorite Youtuber

I've been watching a YouTuber named Peter McKinnon. He's a professional photographer and videographer and makes amazing videos and takes stunning photos! He teaches how to be a photographer and how to take great videos, including editing, post, positions for photos, etc.
He uses a lot of Adobe, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects. He's very descriptive with his tutorials, and probably the best teacher about photography I could find on Youtube.
I'd like to do some photography, and especially video editing, and I'd probably take pictures of around Lake California. What's also funny and what I enjoy about him is how Candian he is, the way he pronounces his "about"s and "sorry"s 😂
He's been on Youtube for about 5 years I believe, and has built up 4.47M subscribers!

Here's one of my favorite of his videos:

My New Computer

So, as you can probably guess from the title, I got my new computer, the Macbook Air! It's been working out great, and can run Adobe Audition pretty well. I haven't gotten any crashes or lag, and it loads the files fairly quickly. I've had it for a week now, and it's been holding up great! It has 128 GB storage, and I've only used about 5 GB. I'd like to test other programs like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Lightroom (those and Audition are the only Adobe softwares I use). Google works out fine as well. I haven't really tested out the camera very much, but I did take a quick look and it looks alright. Another thing I would/will test if it can handle my microphone. If it can, that'll really prove itself!

New Computer?

In the past few weeks, I've been considering getting a new computer, a laptop to be specific. It's not because my computer's not working, but that it's a desktop, so I can't bring it around with me to places if I want to edit or do my schoolwork. If I do, usually, my dad lets me take his computer laptop. Still, though it works for the essential needed apps like Google Chrome or Firefox, it lags and some times even crashes with my audio program, Adobe Audition.

I've decided I would like to get a MacBook air. But not the latest, since I found a previous model on amazon for $250 cheaper than the latest. But I wouldn't get it for just the price. Apple removed the USB port in the latest MacBook air, which would be a big issue since my mouse is USB, so I wouldn't be able to plug it into the computer. But the previous model does still have the USB port, so I could then use my mouse.