New Possible Client!

One of my mom's friend's starting a podcast, so my mom let her know that I edit podcasts. She responded back and said she would love to hire me, so I offered to edit an episode for her for free. So, 4 days ago (Friday) she gave me an interview she recorded with someone for me to edit. 

I already had some episodes to finish that weekend so I didn't start on it until Monday two days later. It was... Stressful. The episode was pretty hard to edit, and now I'm considering not working for her (but she may not hire me anyway) unless the pay is worth the time.

I am trying to save up money and earn as much as I can, but again her episodes can take a long time and maybe more then I can handle. I just finished the episode this morning and emailed it to her. I am now awaiting her response!

German Fiverr Gig

Today I got a Fiverr gig, but this time it was different from most of my gigs. This was for a videogame advertisement, but it was in German. In the ad (it was a live-action one, but I can't show you due to privacy) there was a young teen that looked around my age, but of course, he spoke in German. They wanted me to say what he said but in English. The ad was only 30 seconds long, and my character "boy" as they named him, had only around 5 sentences. They paid $55, which may seem like a lot for a few sentences, but they paid extra so that I have to match my words up with the boy's mouth in the ad. I decided to send it quickly (I sent it within the hour they hired me) so I could get extra tips and maybe a review, which is what I'm really trying to get; reviews that is (but I don't mind tips!). I'm waiting for their response (I sent it this morning, but they're in Germany so as I'm writing this at around 5:30 pm it's in the middle of the night for them), and I hope they got everything they need!

New Headphones for Voice Over

About a month ago, I got a new pair of headphones, and are called the Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones. Yep, it sure is a fancy long name! They're built explicitly for recording studios; they're very comfortable and sturdy, and give "honest" sound I guess you can say. As in, they don't add more base to the audio playback as regular headphones would. The audio is very crisp, and it has a cord connector for interfaces, which means I can listen to myself as I speak, at the same time! I think they're one of the best pair of headphones I've had, though they aren't convenient for moving around with them. They were only built for studios where you stay in one fixed position. I do have earphones though for when I move around a lot, like chores, walks, or to relax.

Getting Stars!

I don't think I've said this before, but on Fiverr and CCC (Casting Call Club), I've been getting some recommendations and reviews!

These are from CCC:

Those were from clients, directors, and fellow voice actors I worked with for projects.

These are from more clients from Fiverr.
It's especially important to get reviews on Fiverr since when people see you, they usually look for the reviews to see if I was easy to work with and professional. I'm happy I got five reviews so far, which might not seem like a lot, but it's still something, and I hope to get more in the future.

Making a Video Presentation for Future Clients!

Today I made a video of me editing to show people that would be interested in hiring me for editing their podcast. Although the video may have been a little too long; it was around 15 minutes. If I were to present it to people, then it could get boring and annoying quickly. I didn't want to have to re-record it since it took a while to do the whole video, and I had to edit it afterward. My dad gave me the idea of breaking up the video so that I could present it in different pieces. If one part was me adding effects, I could snip a few minutes of it, and that could be one thing I could show them.

Here's the video I made: