The Grinch Soundtrack by Tyler the Creator

I've mentioned many times before that Tyler the Creator is one of my favorite music artists. He's extremely creative, and he's constantly changing his styles and has changed a LOT over the past 10-15 years. Some-what recently, he did a small collection of songs for the new "The Grinch" animated movie, as well as 2 main theme tracks that were mainly played at different scenes in the movie. He's an interesting choice to make the music, as pretty much ALL his past music is not family/kid-friendly, and he's been in plenty of controversies, so much respect to the studio of The Grinch movie to see past that.

The Grinch soundtrack by Tyler is personally I think one of his most beautiful pieces of work, and the studio definitely let him have his own freedom in creating it (except of course he had to keep it family-friendly). I really wish he made some of the songs longer, such as "Whoville", the opening song in the collection. Whoville is definitely my favorite song in the collection, it's so warm and "Disney" sounding, the piano, in the beginning, reminds me of the show/comics "Peanuts". It sells the kid feeling perfect, it makes me want to curl up warm by a fire while it's snowing outside. Then at the end, it gets more into the strings/orchestral sounds, which I think was inspired by his previous recent album "Flower Boy" where he used very similar sounds.

Here's the full collection plus the 2 main tracks: