New Computer?

I've considered buying a new computer laptop, a Macbook Pro. But I want to wait until I'm traveling more and will use it at least 5 times a week, as right now I only use my ThinkPad laptop about twice a week. But the ThinkPad isn't very efficient, and I've heard great things about the latest Macbooks for video and audio editing. I'm planning to graduate before easter, and when I do I hope to move out to Alabama for a few months. I'd take my desktop with me, but it'd still be very handy to have a Macbook to use on the road. My brother that I'm visiting wants to take me to his favorite coffee shop, that he brings a laptop to work at, and he suggested I come along as well. I love editing and working at coffee shops, but sometimes the ThinkPad can be very slow. 
I won't buy a new Macbook until I'm actually traveling more, which probably won't be until I graduate in April. I also specifically want one with an M1 or M2 chip, which is a new very powerful computer processor perfect for high-quality editing and rendering.

Taking a Trip to Nashville

Tomorrow I'm leaving to see my brother in Nashville, Tennessee, for a Christian conference. There will be a ton of podcasters there as well, so what I'm most excited about is meeting some new possible clients. My brother knows a lot of finance podcasters, so he'll be able to introduce me to his podcast friends. Admittedly, finance podcasters usually pay the most due to their ability to use money from other income sources to fund the podcast. Also, for algorithms, any categories of podcasts related to finances pay the most in ad revenue. A video about gaming on Youtube with 1m views will make about the same as a finance video with just 200k views.

I'm going to be away for about 8 days, and then I'll fly back home with my brother for our other brother's wedding in California. I'll be in Nashville for about 4 days, and then I'm driving with my brother from Nashville to his house in Alabama. I'll also be able to visit his Church and meet his friends there. He even has a favorite coffee shop he goes to every day that I'll go to with him and use my laptop to work there.

It'll be a great way for me to experience almost living on my own without moving out yet. I'm very excited!


Monasticism is isolation from the world to have a deeper spiritual meaning. This doesn't mean it is the belief that all world things are evil, such as giving up eating delicious foods, entertainment, etc - but it's a sacrifice of those things to be closer to God. This is popular with monks.

Some monks live in complete isolation, while others live with a community of other monks. The words differing them are eremitic and cenobitic. Eremitic is the practice of living in complete isolation from people, like a hermit, or like Luke Skywalker in the star wars prequels when he lived in hiding on that island. Cenotibic is the practice of separation from materialism, but living in a community with others practicing the same, such as a monastery.

The monks were very distinct in their beliefs with monasticism, as at the time, there was a large movement in the church that believed all materialistic things were evil. In contrast, the monks believed they weren't evil but were sacrificing those pleasures as a way to discipline themselves and devote themselves to God.

Tom Woods talks about a specific instance with St. Anthony of Egypt, who was a Christian who wanted to go into the desert and practice the life of a hermit in complete isolation. He told his friends and fellow Christians not to follow him, but as he goes into the desert about 5000 people follow him

The Development of Christianity Part 1

Tom Woods talks about Constantine's ruleship, and after the battle of the Milvian Bridge. Constantine was baptized soon before he died. Some people speculated as to why he was baptized so late, and during those times it was customary to get baptized as late as possible, since they believed once you get baptized, then all the sins before that point were forgiven. 

During Constantine's ruleship, he implemented new laws to protect the Christians. He abolished the crucifixion of Christians, and he made Sunday a holiday.

He also removed gladiator games, which was a game where 2 people, often convicts, would fight to the death for entertainment. Constantine also improved the living conditions for women and slaves, which at the time it was legal to beat women and slaves under your household.

Sacrilege to the Christian faith was also made a crime. Much of society at the time started discouraging other practiced pagan religions.

Christian Sources

Tom Woods covers early Christian written sources still kept besides the New Testament.

He starts off with the Didache, also known as the 'Teaching of the 12 apostles". At the time it was highly regarded, and even some people thought it should've been in the new testament, but was only rediscovered in 1873. You can now find all of the documents online to read. The book is about the rules of being a Christian. What to do and what not to do. It emphasizes especially the "golden rule", first love God above all things and treat your neighbor as you would yourself.