Reaching 200 Episodes For a Client

Last week I finished episode 200 for the Pioneering Today Podcast! One of my clients, Melissa Norris (or for me M.K.N., da BOSS, or Mrs. Norris), is the host of the Pioneering Today Podcast. I started working for her around episode 115. 

My mom was/is great friends with her, so she suggested that I could help edit the podcast (well actually full-on edit it). She knew Mrs. Norris had a podcast and was having to spend extra time editing it herself. At that time I had already been editing another podcast for a year or to, and was excited to try taking on another podcast. 

As of now, I've edited over 300 podcast episodes! I don't know the exact amount of episodes I have edited, but by looking at the podcasts I can tell an approximate. Also, the average amount of hours I spend editing an episode is around 3 hours and 30 minutes, so that means I've edited for over 1,000 hours!

Future Ideas

I've had different ideas of what I'd like my future to be like, career-wise, and here are my ideas for what I'd like to be doing in ten years:

I'd love to still do voice acting, maybe live acting. I'd specifically enjoy voice narration rather than commercial voice acting or character voice acting because that seems so far the type I enjoy most. Most people think voice acting is voicing famous characters for Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, etc, but you have to be really good, experienced, some-what famous. And almost always there's going to be an audition better than yours. I've heard pro voice actors say the average professional voice actor will get cast for characters 1/15 auditions. But who knows, maybe I could be working for big companies like those. What would be really awesome is if I can be a pro voice actor by the time I'm 16.

As for audio engineering, I would love to get an internship by the time I'm 18 with a professional sound designer or a sound design company and learn as much as I can. I don't imagine myself going to college for voice over or audio engineering, I think there are other ways of getting good training and knowledge info and practice for a cheaper price. Then after an internship, get a job at a sound design company, then maybe a few years after that possibly start my own audio engineering company. 

Those are my future "hopes and dreams."


Ok, you saw the title, so you know what's coming! A few days ago I was watching a video by Mike Russel, and he was talking about using the Dynamics option in Adobe Audition. Now, I don't know a lot about the tool, so I still want to spend time learning how to use it. But basically, it takes out everything under a set number of decibels. I currently have it set to -20 dB, but I can customize it whenever I like. Anything quieter than -20 dB will be completely erased.

I've now used this tool in over 3 episodes and played around with it to find my favorite specific setting on it. It's a pretty awesome tool! When I first used it, it would sometimes cut the end of a sentence to abruptly. But have that fixed now, and I've even used it for my voice over!

Cast as Parker for The Animated Short Film!!

I got cast as Parker from the other blog post I wrote about! It's been exciting, not just because I got cast, but because out of 125 AUDITIONS I WAS CHOSEN! Now that's a large number to me! And there's more: the director also wants me to audition for Travis the younger brother too! SCORE  *pretends to shoot a basketball in the hoop and makes it*
But they want me to record the script today, but they still need to finish writing the script. I then responded and said I could record it within their deadline, and that I'd love to audition for the role of Travis (by the way I found out and responded on the second day on the week that falls on the 8th of the 9th month in the year of our Lord 2019 ~~(AKA 9/8/2019 - #summerpracticallyover).

I'm now waiting for their response.


Auditioning for Animated Short Film

Last week I auditioned for an upcoming animated short. They hadn't named it yet but it's supposed to be like the movie The Iron GiantThe director said that she and a friend were entering in their animation in a contest (I don't know which one though), and they needed voices for the characters. They had four open roles: Parker (the older brother), Travis (the younger brother), Brian (the dad), and Samantha (the mom).

Here's some artwork they've shared for the characters (they didn't have one of the character Travis though):

I auditioned for the role of Parker. They had pictures of the character (I can't show them here though), and even just an image of the character gave me an idea of Parker: I'm guessing he's more of the adventure type with a strong imagination, which helped me "become" the character. From the time I wrote this, there were around 80 auditions for just the Parker character! But what I think is gonna give me a big chance of getting cast for him? I'm the only voice actor to audition with a natural voice for the age range of the character: around 13. For a while, my audition was at the bottom of the list of other auditions, so I didn't have a lot of upvotes (any member of CCC can vote or comment) on my audition because people couldn't find it. The top voted audition had nine upvotes, though it was an adult female doing a young voice, so it wasn't natural. Within the past day, my audition got 5 votes! (Keep in mind though that for how many votes someone has doesn't affect the actual casting).