Wes Anderson Film Style

After seeing many of Tyler the Creator's music videos, I was very curious on what inspired his style of filming in the videos. After some looking around on the internet, I noticed his music videos look a lot like Wes Anderson style films, but with more "grain" and a vintage look. Youtube suggested a video on "The Wes Anderson Style Explained", and naturally I was curious on what exactly makes it so unique, and personally I LOVE the style of his films.

One of his main special touches is the camera movement and placement. He always has the camera facing "flat", which means that instead of using side angles or any angles that isn't 90 or 180 degrees, he keeps it face forward or exactly to the side. Here's some image examples I made with some of his movie shots:

The lines show that both subjects (the characters) are right in the middle, and the background perfectly faces the camera.

Even in panning shots in his movies (which he uses a lot) he always moves them at 90 or 180 degree angles! 

And the best part of the look of his films are the colors he uses, which are always very bright and usually pastel type colors.

I would really like to try photography in his style, but many of his shots are mainly constructed out of the objects and buildings in the shots, so I'd have to find good locations.