Audition Presets for a Friend's old Cassette Tapes to Mp3 Files

Someone approached me who is reviving a recorded series of old recorded lectures from many years ago, but wants to clean up the audio quality to make it more bearable to listen to. It was digitized from raw cassette tapes to mp3 files. I prepared him a series of presets for him to use ready for all of the recordings, including dynamics processing and noise remover.

Here's what I sent him:

1: Select 1 second of ONLY white noise (no voice in it, just a sample of what you want removed). Right click the select > Capture Noise Print

2: Effects > Noise Reduction / Restoration > Noise Reduction (process)...

3: Turn Noise Reduction to the highest level 100%, then apply the effect

4: Favorites > Dynamics Preset (already installed on your computer)

5: Highlight frequency above the voice where the voice isn't there, and delete all the unnecessary white noise. Last recording was done at -9k Hz

I suggest you have the volume peak at -3 DB

When the prep for the episode is done, then it is ready for scrubbing.