Cleaning my Vans Sneakers

I have a small collection of Vans, my favorite brand of shoes/sneakers, but some of them are pretty dirty and even a bit muddy. I wanted to see them good as new again, so I searched up different ways to clean shoes, but specifically the materials of my vans. Across the shoes the main textures are canvas, suede, and fake leather.

It seemed the best things to use for cleaning the shoes were dish soap, baking soda, or laundry detergent, so I decided to do all three. I mixed them in a small bin with hot water, and then got a hand scrub with bristles and scrubbed down the shoes.

There were some mess-ups I realized after the shoes had dried, but overall it worked great! One of the shoes I scrubbed was suede and green, and I should have been more careful scrubbing it since some of the color got removed. It isn't noticeable on the shoe, but the color got in the water, and the blue color that came off and mixed with the water dyed the soles a bit. It's not very noticeable, but compared to other colors I can tell easier. 

I also should've mixed the baking soda in the water more, as after the shoes dried I could see some of it on the shoe. I'm sure I can remove it pretty easily.