Samples in Hip Hop Music

I've gotten a lot into hip hop music, and I noticed some of my favorite artists will get pieces of songs to put in their own songs, and mix it into their "beat". Usually it's a small clip of an already made song, just a few seconds, and then they loop it and add their own instruments with it to make it sound more hip hop.

Here's an example where Tyler the Creator, a famous hip hop artist, uses a sample from an old song from 1971 in "Get Down" by Monterey.

Here's the original sampled song, "Get Down" by Monterey: 

Here's Tyler the Creator's song "Boredom" where he uses the drums in "Get Down" at 1:11:

Some people see this as stealing music, but all art is inspired by art before it. Technically everything in any music has been "stolen" since people use pieces of music to structure their own, whether it be through lyrics or beats or chords. 
Tyler the Creator and Kanye West are my favorite artists to use samples in their music. 

Kanye West samples "My Song" by Labi Siffre in Kanye's song "I Wonder":

"My Song": 

"I Wonder": 

I love how Kanye and Tyler use samples to really give their songs life, especially with old vintage songs as they tend to do. It also really helps to build their own style and aesthetic but made modern.