Re-doing a Minecraft Animation With my Own Sound Effects

A Youtube channel I've been subscribed to and watching for a while now, Black Plasma Studios, makes awesome Minecraft animations. I found them probably 3 years ago, and have been watching their videos since. The channel is owned by a team of around 5-10 animators, who use the software Blender to make the animations, whether it be posing the characters, adding good lighting, or modeling scene objects. 

I've always thought it'd be cool to do sound design for the channel and the animations they make. They made a Minecraft music video a few months ago using a song by a famous song artist, TheFatRat. They rarely do music videos, which means they don't use sound effects besides the song throughout the whole video. Although most of their other videos have sounds with them, the animators themselves do the sound design, which I imagine can really take up a lot of their time when they need to animate.

With this animated video they made, I will be removing the whole song, and then adding my own sounds to match up to the characters footsteps, grunts, arm movements, any bird chirps, general ambience, etc. I will be using Premiere Pro and Audition for all of the editing, and getting sound effects from either my personal library, or

I recently subscribed to Artlist, and it's been nothing but handy and helpful. For the monthly subscription, I can download as many sound effects as I like. You can even upgrade and use sound tracks for any project. Since all of their sounds are completely royalty free, and I can use their sounds on anything I work on without getting copy right striked, it works perfect. 

Here's a sneak peak of what I have done already: 

I'm currently just laying down the foley sounds first (foley are the sounds created by the characters/humans, like foot steps, clothes moving, pants swishing, etc.). I put some ambience first, but usually I like to do the small details first, as unorganized as that tends to be. I should really have a better systematic strategy for this haha

I'll try to keep you updated on the progress of this project. I hope to some how send this to the animators, and maybe they'd consider me helping them with the sound design for the videos.

I Launched my New Website for Quail Audio Editing

Today I launched my new website for my podcast editing business.

Quail Audio Editing

I bought the domain name from, and I'm using the hosting service from Buying the domain cost me around $20 per year from GoDaddy, and I bought a yearly subscription from SquareSpace for $140.

I created one page where I included samples, a short video showcasing my process, and a contact form to fill out.

Sound Design for a Krunker Trailer Animation

The video game Krunker is being released on Steam, one of the biggest gaming platforms in the world. But they need a trailer for Krunker, so they're offering $4000 to whoever can make the best trailer for Krunker (teams allowed). This trailer would be displayed in front of millions of people on steam. This is a very big step for Krunker, so it's a pretty big deal in the community right now, especially with the prize of $4000. 3 weeks after that was announced, many of the best editors in Krunker have organized teams and made their own trailers. 
2 days ago, the trailers were reviewed. There was one trailer that they especially liked, made by one of my friends. They said it was pretty good, but the sound could've been better. A friend of mine then suggested I could redo the sound design in a part of the trailer. And so I did. Everything you hear in the animation below is what I've added/mixed together.

Here's a screen shot of the multi track:

Hosting My Own Podcast - Krunker Curtain Call

One of my friends in the Krunker community, Sage, a few weeks ago messaged me with a good idea: "you've mentioned you edit podcasts. Maybe you should start your own about Krunker and interview people that work for the game". Excellent idea.

I talked with him about it, and Sage being a well known figure in the community, said he could use his connections to get me connected with people to interview. I would be interviewing texture artists, coders, skin makers, content creators, and other "game devs" that help make this game amazing.

I thought it'd be great to have Sage as my first guest, as he is one of the best map makers in Krunker. We then scheduled a call for last Friday. I had originally come up with a ton of questions for him, but then after reviewing it, he said it didn't flow good enough. He then spent about 5 minutes and wrote up a few of his own questions. His system flowed so much better, and felt more as if it was a conversation when I used his questions.

The interview was pretty fun, and I felt comfortable. It went better than I expected, and it felt more like a conversation than an interview (which is what I want). Ofc, it definitely wasn't perfect. There's gonna be a lot to take in this, as we were both nervous and messed up here and there. I'll continue to blog about my journey through this :)

Check out the channel here