New Computer?

I've considered buying a new computer laptop, a Macbook Pro. But I want to wait until I'm traveling more and will use it at least 5 times a week, as right now I only use my ThinkPad laptop about twice a week. But the ThinkPad isn't very efficient, and I've heard great things about the latest Macbooks for video and audio editing. I'm planning to graduate before easter, and when I do I hope to move out to Alabama for a few months. I'd take my desktop with me, but it'd still be very handy to have a Macbook to use on the road. My brother that I'm visiting wants to take me to his favorite coffee shop, that he brings a laptop to work at, and he suggested I come along as well. I love editing and working at coffee shops, but sometimes the ThinkPad can be very slow. 
I won't buy a new Macbook until I'm actually traveling more, which probably won't be until I graduate in April. I also specifically want one with an M1 or M2 chip, which is a new very powerful computer processor perfect for high-quality editing and rendering.