New "Without Music" Video - Doing Dumb and Silly Voices

A few days ago, I made a new "without music" video, this time it was part of a song from the movie franchise: Highschool Musical. I've seen a lot of people make "without music" videos of highschool musical songs, many going very viral. While they do great jobs with the voices and lip syncing making it very funny and entertaining to watch, the sound effects weren't very accurate or well done. 

I didn't want to re-do a song that someone else had already done, so I found a song that no one had edited yet called "the boys are back again", with 2 of the main characters singing and dancing in a junkyard scene. Here's the original:

I've never seen the movies, but I knew that this video would be hilarious and awkward if it was just their voices and sound effects. So, all day last Saturday I edited the first 50 seconds of the song and made this!:

Doing the sound effects was very exhausting and kinda repetetive, since most of it was them dancing around and I had to match each step and scrape of their feet with the sound of shoes on dirt. but I'm very proud of the result! And the best part was definitely doing the voices, which took about 30 minutes and I had fun doing dumb and silly voices for it.