Voice Acting For an Official Videogame!

The very first Fiverr gig I got was for a videogame a company was going to pitch to some publishers (this was a month from the time I wrote this). later I contacted the man who hired me and asked how the pitches were going. He said they were going great! 3 are interested in publishing it, but he couldn't tell me since he was signed under a contract to keep it private. I was very excited (and I still am)! If it goes well, then this could be my first big voice job. He also said if it goes well, then he'll hire me again to do more voices.

Then he sent me the trailer!

I think it looks awesome! I really hope it goes well!

Finishing Up Another Fiverr Gig

A few days ago I finished recording for another Fiverr gig. This one was different from most of my gigs; I had to count from 0 to 100! I also had to say "plus, minus, times, divided by, equals," and things like "good job" and "next level." I think the man who hired me needed my voice for a math videogame, considering what my script said.

I'm so glad I took the next step of getting on Fiverr, and I think the more gigs I get, I'll slowly get more and more. And one of the best parts (besides making moola ๐Ÿค‘) is using the gig experiences into my portfolio.

Mic Trouble Fixed!

Finally, my microphone is working again! How I solved the problem? I had to keep changing the cord to different USB ports until it worked. It turns out; some ports are stronger than others, and my computer has around 10 USB ports, and some of them had different numbers showing how strong they are, and I got the right one. A big reason I'm writing this is so if this issue comes up again in the future, then I can go back and read this to know what to do. Hope this helps Simeon! ๐Ÿ˜œ

Trouble With Mike

I've been having trouble with my microphone (I thought "Mike" could be catchy instead of "my mic" ๐Ÿ˜œ), where it keeps disconnecting. I've had this issue before, but that was a few months ago. I didn't have to solve the problem, because it just started working again.ย Since I use an XLR cabled microphone, I have an interface, a box that works as a converter to my computer and has things like volume and gain control. When the issue came up again, I thought it might be the interface, so I ordered a new one, which cost $50. Well, unfortunately, it turns out it wasn't the interface, but I do know it's something wrong with the computer or microphone. I do have a 10-year warranty for the mic, so if it turns out that it's the problem, then I can always send it back and get a new one.