Ron Paul Curriculum: History of Inventions

Today I was watching the first episode of a Ron Paul course (which my younger brother is also taking, and who also did a blog post on the course. You can see him on his blog). So, I wrote down some notes. Here are a few:

Over time (mainly around the 1800s), things had changed. If someone were to go into the future by just 100 years, it would be unrecognizable!

Years ago, if you wanted to find out about something, you would have to go to a library. But now, you could just Google it and get loads of answers.

Capital is the product of united labor over time, so that life is easier. 

For example, tools are capital, because they make our work easier, faster, 

more efficiently, and of higher quality.

Children are also capital because they continue what their parents left off.

An example from the benefits of capital: the ham sandwich. You could go to a store and buy a sandwich. But you don't stop to think of all the years and decades of work of inventions was put into it.

Another example: if you go into a resturaunt, you would buy your food, then sit down on a chair. It may be a wood chair, and that chair might've been manufactured in a factory using machines, and it would come in with all the boards of wood that the machines need. But before that, in another factory, machines were used to cut and carve that, but even before that, someone probably used another machine to cut down trees in a forest, and then haul them off to the first factory, using a truck powered by an engine. All of that, just to make a chairs to sit on, while eating your ham sandwich.

The Editing Process

Well, first of all, my computer is now 100% built! And it's a BIG improvement for the editing! Anyways, that said, let's get down to the main stuff of this blog post.

So, I'm going to explain the process of the editing:

1:   Download files (podcast episode, intro, and outro) from Dropbox/Google Drive (depending on client)

2:   Start and finish editing the episode and save it as finished

3:   Start and finish editing the intro and outro

4:   Apply intro and outro music (again, depending on the client)

5:   Apply intro and outro to the podcast episode

6:   Send to the client!

Phew! I guess that wasn't much of an explanation...

But deeper into it, I'd edit the podcast and then my dad would go over it to get any little mistakes I missed.

Well, I guess that's it! (Yep, a super short one this time...only 142 words!)

New Computer

This past week my dad and I ordered parts to build a computer, in which my brother has been building (I'm not the "computer savvy' type, so I have no idea how to build one!). The reason we're getting the computer is because my current computer has been slowing down with each podcast I download (each one is around 800 MB!), and it takes about 10-30 minutes to download, whereas a regular computer would only take a few seconds to a minute. Plus, my computer is about 2-3 years old, so it probably won't last much longer with all the files pressuring it down.

So, it was time to get a new and more powerful computer... except the motherboard had some bent pieces, so we had to return it for a new one, which we are waiting for. When it does come, we'll be able to tackle any podcast (well, maybe any...).

Info About my Web

Well, we've been working on Quail Audio, and now I have to upload samples so that clients know what what we do and how good we are. My dad's been helping me finish the website. It'll be launched my the end of this month. 

As I said, I have to upload some sample audio pieces. Here are a few of the ones I've chosen:

This is before it's been edited:

This is after it's been edited:

Well, those are some samples of what I'm doing.

We have a whole page devoted to showing what we do, sample audios and the process of editing.
next, we have another page showing the prices (which we haven't figured out yet).
We were thinking if the episode is under 30 minutes, $1 per minute, and if it's over 30 minutes, then $1.50 per minute.

My brother is helping with website and making little changes here and there. He's very experienced and has made websites in the past for other people.

New Podcast Website!

Hi! As you probably know from previous posts, I've been doing podcast editing. Well, soon I'm going to start my own business!

I'll be naming it 'Quail Audio', and the logo will be a lot like my profile picture for Voice of Simeon, but black and white.

Unfortunately, the domain called '' is already taken, but we were thinking of '' instead, which is not taken.

I've been making my website on SquareSpace and I'm about halfway through finishing it.

I can't wait until we can launch Quail Audio!