Taking a Trip to Nashville

Tomorrow I'm leaving to see my brother in Nashville, Tennessee, for a Christian conference. There will be a ton of podcasters there as well, so what I'm most excited about is meeting some new possible clients. My brother knows a lot of finance podcasters, so he'll be able to introduce me to his podcast friends. Admittedly, finance podcasters usually pay the most due to their ability to use money from other income sources to fund the podcast. Also, for algorithms, any categories of podcasts related to finances pay the most in ad revenue. A video about gaming on Youtube with 1m views will make about the same as a finance video with just 200k views.

I'm going to be away for about 8 days, and then I'll fly back home with my brother for our other brother's wedding in California. I'll be in Nashville for about 4 days, and then I'm driving with my brother from Nashville to his house in Alabama. I'll also be able to visit his Church and meet his friends there. He even has a favorite coffee shop he goes to every day that I'll go to with him and use my laptop to work there.

It'll be a great way for me to experience almost living on my own without moving out yet. I'm very excited!