What I Learned Today About Vocal Fry And Personality Acting

Today, on Saturday morning I had a session with Ms. Olsen. I tried doing an old man's voice but it didn't sound good, it's called "vocal fry." Instead she told me to make voice sound more smoother softer.

 This time there were only two other people for the session, Aubrey and Lee. I also tried a girl's voice, Ms. Olsen said I should make the girls voice more sassy (I chose the "Salt" story to read, you can see a part of it in one of my posts).

 The reason she wanted my voice to sound sassy is because there is a part in the script where a girl named "Vanya" says words in the script "I know something there isn't a story about" and "salt" and "there can't be a story about salt."

She said it is more important that the character's personality comes out in my acting than it was to be able to sound like the girl's or the old man's real voice. I had fun acting as the character Vanya because she's trying to be smart on her grandfather but the grandfather out-smarts Vanya. I really like both characters.

One of the mistakes I noticed was that If you make every word important it's starts to sound weird. What you you should do is underline the important words.

When I read to here the script she said I was reading too fast and I should slow down.

Ms. Olsen also said that when I'm reading and narrating I should make it sound like me, because I was trying to make my voice sound like an adult.

Another mistake l do is sometimes I read so fast that I'm skipping syllables.

I do really well on reading lists and ending in the right tone.