Voicing "Tails" Again

I auditioned AGAIN for another casting that needed the SAME character of Tails! Also, in one of my previous posts, I wrote how I auditioned for the Tails character. Well, I got the part and another role! There were around 30 other auditions (big competition!). I'm still waiting for my script, but in the meantime, I sent a bunch of other auditions for other projects. and like I just said, I got cast AGAIN! This time it isn't paid though, but it's still good practice. I also have a few other pending auditions and have my eye on one right now. Casting Call Club has proven to be a great place to learn more about voice over and meet other people with the same talents and interests. I hope that by the time I'm 14 or 15, I'll be on more of a professional site (like maybe Fiverr soon??).