Video Editing for a Youtuber

There's a commentary Youtuber I've been watching for at least 8 months. I like listening to his videos whenever I'm doing handy work around on the house since I can still understand it without watching it. Recently he posted saying that he was looking for editor for his videos. He's been a youtuber for over 2 years but has always been editing his own videos. Now he wants some more time to focus on his content, so he was looking for an editor that could specially copy his style of editing. I DM'd him and showed him some past videos I've edited, and told him I've been watching him for over 8 months, so I know the style of editing that he likes and what sort of content he makes. 

He responded back and gave me a test video to edit as well as a little payment for my time. If he likes it, I get to be his permanent editor! I'd probably be editing for him daily.