Using Streamyard with Streamlabs for a Live Podcast

As I've said in previous blog posts, I'm helping produce a live podcast. Today I spent several hours looking into a good platform to live stream the podcast to. Usually when I stream gaming I use Streamlabs. But since this will be a live podcast with more than 2 people on screen at once, that won't be as easy. I need a way to show several people on screen, and I considered using Discord or Zoom, then sharing the screen to Streamlabs. I need Streamlabs to add overlays and transitions for the livestream, but then another platform to host the call on. Then I stumbled on Streamyard, which lets you call people with video just like Zoom, but you can also livestream it to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and other big platforms. 

I tested Streamyard with my brother and we both went on a call together. I then cropped the 2 little boxes with out cameras out in Streamlabs, then added a background and moved the facecams a bit to make a nice looking layout. 

So far everything is working great, I'll be writing more blog posts on the process!