Using Streamlabs to Setup my Stream!

Yesterday I switched my whole stream setup to streamlabs. Streamlabs is extremely useful for essentials for a stream, they provide everything from twitch alerts to webcam overlays. I've been using OBS for streaming and recording, but turns out streamlabs has their own OBS version specific for just streaming! The layout is very similar, but you can customize everything for your stream strait from the software, rather than going to their website which is what I had to do before that. 
The original reason I switched was because apparently streamlabs had it so you could customize certain overlays, but it was only possible by downloading their app for it. I needed an overlay that showed the specific amount of followers I got per stream out of a follower goal. Unfortunately since this was so specific, googling how to get an overlay like that wouldn't get me anywhere.

OBS owns streamlabs, so what was really nice is that when I opened streamlabs, it asked me if I was using OBS already. When I answered yes, they asked me if they could import ALL OF MY SETTINGS FROM OBS TO STREAMLABS. I said yes, AND THEY IMPORTED ALL OF MY SETTINGS IN!!! This really impressed me, because I thought I would have to set everything up again, which would be a pain, especially since I would have to track down a ton of videos and images I used for my stream and re-upload them.

I can't wait to add more features to my stream using streamlabs. I wish I downloaded streamlabs months ago!