The Desk Came in!

You will remember from my last blog post I talked about getting a new desk, and I bought a model that was the same version as a friend of mine's. It came in Saturday, and I built it the day it came in. It took about an hour to build on my own (it definitely would've been faster with someone else to help, but I was still able to manage). Instead of putting it in the corner, I decided to put it against the wall in the middle of the room, so it would separate the sides of the room: one side is my "studio/office" side with my setup, and the other side has a ton of clothes (the room is a big walk in closet). It took a while to get everything off the first table, then clean off the table then take it down. Next I had to make space in the room, but my computer, monitors, keyboard, and everything that was a part of my setup was all over the ground. Then I built the desk and re-setup my stuff on the desk. I decided to also get new speakers, since the ones I was using were old and really big. I'll be making a blog post on that too soon!