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Current Process for Editing Podcast Episodes

Are you starting a podcast, but need help with editing to make it shine?
I'm just the man for the job.

Here's my current process for editing episodes that I use for the Richer Soul podcast by Rocky Lalvani:

  • Receive raw podcast recorded files from Google Drive placed there by the client.

  • Equalize, compress, level the audio, and remove white noise so the audio sounds crisp and clear.

  • Then I edit the main interview file, and remove the following:
    Uh's, um's
    Mouth clicks, aspirations
    Dead space
    Call interruptions
    Background noise

  • I then edit the extra teaser clips, intros, and outros provided by the client.

  • Then I cue, mix, and overlay the music and clips with the main recorded interview file.

  • I double check and skim over the interview to make sure I didn't miss anything.

  • I save the whole main podcast episode as a backup and un-constructed in case of issues.

  • I save, upload, and send the complete episode file to the client through Google Drive so the client can upload it to his podcast hosting service(s).