Sound Design

I recently got in contact with some of the developers of a video game called Krunker. I've actually enjoyed playing the game myself for the past 8 months, and have come to realize that many of the sounds could definitely be improved. Fortunately for me, I had one of the lead developer's contact, as we had talked several months ago about something different not related to sound design. 
A few days ago, I decided to contact that developer, Vince, and ask him if the dev team could use help with my audio work with sound effects. I didn't expect him to respond, as he's always very busy working on the game and talking with the other developers or people that are working on the game. A few hours later he did respond, and said I was just the person they needed. According to him, the main devs were the ones having to do the sound design, but they don't have experience doing that work, so usually the sounds are low quality or don't match the given objects for them. 
He then assigned me to a job immediately to test my skills. He wants me to make a new sound for one of the main guns, an SMG. I've already spent over an hour on this one sound, as I want to get it just right. You can here it down below: 

I've already sent it to the dev, but at the time of me posting this, he has not seen it yet.