Recording an Ensemble (Pt. 2)

Yesterday I went to a church to meetup with the ensemble to record them. I brought a laptop, cords, 2 microphones (Rode NT1-A and an Audio-Technica AT-2020), and my audio interface, Behringer UM2. 

I started by creating a multitrack, then turning on recording for the first track. I can enable recording on all of the tracks if I want, which means when I press record it'll record onto all of them. For now I only want it on 1 track. The lead singer, a bass, started first. I plugged the headphones into the interface so he could hear himself back, as well as the instrumental music while he was singing. After he finished singing, it already had him recorded in sync with the music. Then after that we recorded each other singer, then lined them all up.

I sent the files to the lead singer, and he's gonna edit them since some parts the singers were a bit off beat. Once he's finished he'll send them back to me and I'll edit them with de-essers, compression, leveling, etc.