Reaching 200 Episodes For a Client

Last week I finished episode 200 for the Pioneering Today Podcast! One of my clients, Melissa Norris (or for me M.K.N., da BOSS, or Mrs. Norris), is the host of the Pioneering Today Podcast. I started working for her around episode 115.Ā 

My mom was/is great friends with her, so she suggested that I could help edit the podcast (well actually full-on edit it). She knew Mrs. Norris had a podcast and was having to spend extra time editing it herself. At that time I had already been editing another podcast for a year or to, and was excited to try taking on another podcast.Ā 

As of now, I've edited over 300 podcast episodes! I don't know the exact amount of episodes I have edited, but by looking at the podcasts I can tell an approximate. Also, the average amount of hours I spend editing an episode is around 3 hours and 30 minutes, so that means I've edited for over 1,000 hours!