Re-Arranging my Room for Recording and Streaming

Throughout the weekend, I watched a lot of videos on how to get a good setup for recording videos and livestreaming. They talked about everything from audio, lighting, effects, and cameras. I got really interested in all of it, and decided it was time to actually clean my room! 

After moving some cords, a desk which I wasn't using, and some random equipment and trash on the floor, I vacuumed the carpet. Things were starting to look good! Next, I cleared the space in a corner in the room (where the camera would see as a background) and took down my sound panels. They were all together in one sort of square and in one place. I wanted them to be more spread out, so I put them back up, but 3 hexagon panels at a time, side by side with about a 3 inch gap. I also moved the LED Light strips I had, and aligned them along the corner of my room (vertical), and then horizontally on the bottom of the walls.