Raiding on Twitch

As I've mentioned a few times in other posts, I like to livestream on Twitch. I usually just stream videos games (Minecraft mostly), sometimes I stream myself editing, but it's been a while since I've done that. I stream once every 2 days, and I stream on average an hour and a half per stream. Usually after 90 minutes I'm tired of talking, and I don't want to stream if I can't talk. Although I only average around 7 viewers, I still have a decently active chat, where my viewers can talk to me live, and I can respond with my voice. Twitch has a system where when you end a stream, you can "raid" another live streamer, which means you send all of your viewers to his channel while he's live. If I end my stream and raid someone with 7 viewers, and they already have 10 viewers, then they get a total of 17 viewers. 
I always make sure to raid someone at the end of a stream, usually smaller than me, so they can break the barrier of the twitch algorithm. I've noticed twitch will push out your channel more once you get past 10 viewers. Unfortunately, those 10 viewers probably didn't find you on their Twitch recommended page, but are probably friends or people you've directly shared your channel to.