Possible New Podcast Client

A Lego Youtuber I found a few months ago, MandRproductions, who does a lot of Lego set reviews, upcoming Lego news, Lego MOC reviews, etc.
Just recently, I found out he also has a podcast too, called Bricks and Bits. I gave an episode a listen, and I thought it was pretty good. He usually has around two guests (and I believe a co-host), and they talk about Legos, Star Wars (they're big Star Wars fans as well), videogames, movies, and what they're up to on their Youtube channels.
The only problem is that the audio quality was not the best and could use some audio editing work. For example, there are background noises, repetitions, trailing thoughts, etc. So, I decided that I would offer to edit the podcast. But, if I just messaged MandRproductions and said, "Hey, I can edit your podcast," he would ignore me. So, I then decided that I should edit the first ten minutes of one of his podcast episodes (he has done around 75 episodes), add in some intro music to "spice it up" (with music I paid copyright for), then send it to him. I do understand that even then, he might not respond because he probably gets many emails from fans.