Picture Your Dream House Script

Today l had my first session with Mrs. Olsen and about six people were there [my sessions are only on the internet through Skype]. She listened to me reading a script. She gave me the script. lt was the same one for everybody to read and practice on. 

Here is the script:

Picture your dream house script:

Script directions:

Male or female

30 second radio
Target demographic: First-time home buyers with a good credit rating
Character/narrator: Friendly sales representative
Vocal direction: Dreamlike, whimsical, helpful
Suggested music: Relaxed, adult contemporary
Suggested sound effects: Door opening, soft breeze, homey sounds

Picture your dream house. 

For you, it might be a sprawling lakefront property with ma- ture trees and a winding driveway through a wrought-iron gate... or, perhaps it’s some- thing more cozy and closer to the shopping mall - we’re not just talking picket fences here! 
Come in and chat with one of our mortgage specialists. 
Tell us about your dreams. 
Williams Mortgage will make them a reality.

The first recording is more happy and young sounding. The second one is more serious and older sounding. 
I want to know which one you like best and why.