Past Weeks and Future Hopes

A lot of things have happened these past few weeks, getting set up on Fiverr finally being one. I feel like I've gotten further with my talent, but of course, "I have much to learn!" One of the podcasts I've been editing for almost 3 years now is now paying per episode (before it was more of a practice thing, but every once in a while he would pay me $50 or $100), so I'm really excited that I'm now starting to make better money. 

I'm saving up to get a decent car by the time I can drive, and I also want to set aside money to go on a trip to France. 

I'm hoping within the next few years I can get an agent (yep, I wanna upgrade!) to find the jobs for me. If/when I go 100% professional in the voice-over world, I would like to voice act for shows and movies. But that's a very tight and competitive situation to get that far up, so I think I'd prefer to narrate for audiobooks, online explainer videos, commercials, etc. 

I'd also like to do audio engineering, which I'd prefer to do as my main job. Then I'd like to work for those big studios like Disney, Pixar, 20th Century Fox, etc, which means it would probably mainly be specifically sound design. The only problem is that if I somehow did get a job with a big studio, they'd want me to be at their own studio, that means I would have to travel a lot, versus voice acting which I could do at home (I like traveling, but there's only so much I can bear). But if (and I plan to) have a family that could be fun to take them with me for vacations.

I've also had an idea for my future house to have a separate building next to the house to use as my own personal studio for voice acting and audio engineering.

Well, those are my future ideas, hopes, and plans for when I'm over 21 (I'm only 13, so I got a long way to go!)