Painting Shoes

The past few weeks I've been really impressed by some art I've seen of people painting sneakers of cool specific designs and patterns. I especially love ones that I've seen where they paint a comic on shoes. They usually have bright colors with a fun cartoon comic, like this one with Snoopy:

I thought it'd be really cool to have a pair of shoes with a picture of a Calvin and Hobbes (maybe favorite comic series) comic on them. I looked online to see if anyone has made any with Calvin and Hobbes on them, and there were a few although they were very expensive. 

Since I'm not willing to spend over $100 for a pair of shoes right now, I decided to see how easy it is to paint shoes myself. 

I then binged a ton of Youtube tutorials for how to paint custom sneakers, and decided I want to try. I then found an old pair of used shoes that fit me and ordered a specific branded paint set, Angelus, with 12 different colors as well as some sealers and brushes. I don't think I'll try to paint Calvin and Hobbes on the shoes yet first try, since I'm sure I'd mess it up because of how detailed they are, but maybe I'll do a pattern with a cool icon on the front or something like that.