New Computer Setup

These past few weeks my family has been doing a ton of clean up around the house, and I decided to do some cleanup in my "studio" (it's actually just a big walk in closet with my whole setup). The desk I've been using for the past year has actually been a plastic fold up table. Unfortunately, it's pretty flimsy and not very stable. A few days ago we were cleaning up a table in another room in the house, a fold up one, but much heavier, more stable, and even wood and metal. So I decided that it'd be better for my setup if I replaced my current table with this table. I then spent all day clearing everything off my table (speakers, monitors, receivers, microphones, and of course my computer). I put all of that stuff in corners of the rooms, then took down the fold up table. Then I vacuumed and picked up any junk laying around. At the end of the day, I had everything setup again except my microphones. Everything feels much better, and the new table is bigger as well. I found an extra monitor laying around as well, so I bought a cord from Amazon so I could connect the monitor to my computer. I now have 3 working monitors at once!