My Step-By-Step Process of Making Krunker Renders

I decided to make a step-by-step list/chart showing how I make Krunker renders. Although I've made several different type of renders. So I will be showing the process of making a Youtube banner with a Krunker avatar with a Krunker map background.

  1. Go to the Krunker viewer ( and take a screenshot of the specific gun skin and (if asked) take screenshots of any hat items or back items requested by the client by using the sniping tool.

  2. Edit the screenshots in (download link: by making them transparent using the magic tool.

  3. Create a project in Mine-Imator (download link: and then create a Minecraft player character with one of my Krunker skin textures (you can download them here, though there are a few I haven't made yet, like the crossbow class skin and the Carotine dye

  4. Create an item in Mine-Imator with the gun skin.

  5. Make the gun skin's parent the right arm of the Minecraft character, then create more items of the hat and back items, and make the parents the body of the Minecraft character and the head of the Minecraft character.

  6. pose the character.

  7. Add 3D text with the client's username. It may be an image which you can make 3D by making it as an item, or a font, which you can make 3D when you create it as a font.

  8. Remove the ground and save it as a transparent background PNG image. If I leave the ground, it will not make it transparent.

  9. Import the background image you chose for the banner.

  10. Import the transparent image of the Krunker render and overlay it onto the background image.

  11. Copy just the character render (not the text) and paste him in a layer in between the background image and the first render.

  12. Use the paint bucket tool and fill in the character layer completely black (you may have to do it several times if it has many dynamic colors).

  13. Select the eraser tool, then go to Colors, then press More >>, then play around with the Opacity - Alpha panel (75 usually works best).

  14. Erase the black character until it looks transparent. Sometimes you may have to do it several times until it looks like a shadow.

  15. Stretch and or turn your "shadow" until the feet of the shadow touch the feet of the overlapping render. Then manipulate it to make it look like a shadow. ALWAYS pay attention to the background, as there may be shadows already. In which case, have your shadow point the same way.

  16. Send your awesome picture to your client and take da moola!