My Setup For Videos

Here's my setup for when I record videos or livestream with my camera:

I have 2 neewer lights, which I use to brighten up my face. Usually I only use one at a time, so I can choose between which side of my face I want brightened up. I also have colored filters I can cover the lights with, so then my face can brighten with any color I want. Sometimes I will use both lights if I use 2 different colors for a cool effect.

I have the 2 monitors, the left one for my main display, and the right one I use to see chat, my stream stats, and streamlabs obs.

I have an audio technica at2020 microphone on a stand that I can stretch or swing in front of me.

you can see my canon T2i camera on the right, which is on a stand I'm borrowing from my brother. I need to keep it upsidedown so it doesn't detect my face and put a weird white box overlay.

Of course I have my keyboard and mouse on the bottom. The mouse is a red dragon gaming mouse, and the keyboard is made by Phantom but with custom keycaps and brown switches.