My First Spanish Class

Last week my mom saw a woman post in a local homeschooler Facebook group about looking for students interested in a free online Spanish class over Zoom that her father would be teaching. Apparently, his tactics of teaching Spanish is extremely effective, and he wants to make a new video course to record and sell for students wanting to learn Spanish. But he needs about 10 students (ages 12-17) to work with to help teach. He's looking for new students that don't know Spanish so that he has a clean slate to work with. Because he's recording the students and using their faces to re-sell in a course, he's offered the class free for those he chooses to be in it. Otherwise, the video-recorded class will cost about $2000. 

My mom suggested I apply to join the class via an email that the lady provided to contact her father. I Emailed him and wrote a short paragraph about myself and why I wanted to learn Spanish. On top of being a handy extra language to use in social settings with Spanish speakers, this would also open a new door for my voice-acting journey as I would be able to offer my voice services in the Spanish language rather than just English. This would be very useful, for example, for a director needing a voice cast for a global audience such as a Disney movie. Disney doesn't just make movies for the American audience, but the whole world like Asia and Europe. They makes tens of translations for each Language, and having a lead actor that can provide the same voice for an American audience and a Mexican audience saves them a lot of time and provides a more authentic performance.

Today was our first lesson. It went for about 1 1/2 hours, and the first 30 minutes was for showing us students what the whole course was gonna be about and how they'd like us to behave during the course. 

About 20 students joined the live Zoom call, but the teacher only wants 12 for the whole course, so he'll be deciding which students will stay and which he'll have to kick out. He also wants us to have decent audio and video quality, which thankfully I can handle very well.

I hope he keeps me in!