My Finished Monitor Stands

In my previous blog post, I talked about buying new monitor stands. Yesterday, I finally finished building it! It didn't take long, but at one point I temp lost some of the pieces/screws, so that slowed me down. All of the pieces felt really nice and heavy duty, especially the main pole which is metal and heavy because of that. The stand clips onto my desk, and the stand is just 1 thick pole that has 2 arms attached, and each arm holds 1 monitor. The arms are strong enough to hold the monitors, which is surprising since my monitors are pretty large.

The arms can move back, forth, sideways, in, out, and pretty much every other direction. The part where the monitors attach can turn the monitors diagonally if I want them to. My dad sometimes uses my computer for his calls, but he always likes the monitor to be really close to his face so he can see the people on his call better, but I like it further back when gaming, editing, or just doing my school work. With the stands, I can now easily move the monitors back and forth.

I'm really impressed with this stand, and it only cost $40. I'd definitely recommend these!