Learning to Linear Zoom in Premiere Pro

I went on a call with the Youtuber I edit for and he wanted to show me something that he liked in editing. He showed me a video someone else edited for him. He said while he didn't think that editor did the best out of all the editors he's worked with, he did like the way the editor smoothly zoomed in on parts of clips, rather than just a straight cut to a cropped version of a clip. At the time I didn't know how to do that (I didn't tell him that though), but I told him I'd try to implement that into his future videos. 

Before starting on his next video, I looked up tutorials on Youtube on how to do smooth linear zooms in Premiere Pro. One of the most annoying things in this process is fast-forwarding through unnecessarily long videos to the parts that are actually important, instead of sponsor segments and the Youtuber begging you to subscribe to his channel and like his video. I finally found a quick tutorial that was 3 minutes long and got straight to the point. I quickly learned the way the guy in the video taught how to do nice-looking linear zooms, and how to do it fast and easy. Then for the next video I edited, I sprinkled in the zoom edits I learned. Once I sent it to the Youtuber I edit for, he said I did a great job and copied the other editor's zooms just right. 

I'm very grateful for being able to learn these simple yet important tools and tricks so easily through Youtube and Premiere Pro, and I expect I'll be learning much more about video editing in the near future.