Learning How to Add Subtitles in Premiere Pro

I've been really interested in video editing in general, and I decided to search "Premiere Pro" on Youtube to see if any interesting videos about the software comes up. About the 5th video recommended to me was a tutorial on doing subtitles, which was something I was already interested in learning how to do. I watched the video and the guy teaching the tutorial went into the text settings in Premiere Pro. He added a black outline around the white text, as well as some background blur to help separate the text from the background footage. Then he showed how to line the text exactly in the middle. 

Then he added one more detail that I didn't expect. He pointed out that sometimes you'll notice in other Youtube videos, when the Youtuber has pop-up subtitles, they almost look like they pop in, with a sort of small animation. He showed how to do it quickly using keyframes. It took about 3 keyframes to make it have a little "pop" animation, but it made an impressive improvement!