Joining a Choir

Last week I joined a choir near where we live. A friend from our church recommended it, as he was in it and had attended for the past three years. My dad and I got to see the choir perform a Christmas special last year, and enjoyed it very much.
Last week, my mom signed me up for the choir, and I, along with about 17 other students, got our first lessons. I was impressed by the lessons our teacher taught us. She first arranged us from male to female so she could keep everything orginized. There were many more boys this time than last year, according to my friend who had invited me. Our teacher then arranged for us students in particular ways so that she could hear each one of us.

After that, we did some vocal breathing warmups.

The teacher handed out a small paper book with one song in each one (I forget which song it was) for us to sing. We then started to learn notes, what voice pitch types we were, etc. I now go every Tuesday, and I am enjoying it thoroughly!