Interested in

I've been interested in a site called It's a site for all the pro voice actors. My past voice over coach recommended it along with a few others. I checked it out, and it's very professional! All the voice actors had some stunning voice over demos, and I was pretty impressed! I've enjoyed Fiverr (I've been on it for half a year now), but I'm not getting as many gigs as I'd like to. I know, Voice123 could be harder, in fact definitely will be to get voice over gigs, but I think it would push me to learn more. Although, the only thing holding me back is the monthly fee. It's kind of expensive, so I'd have to be making enough to pay it off, and still make extra money. But, I would have an advantage since there's practically no one under 16 on there, so if directors need a young teen voice, I would have a good chance. If I do join, I hope it works out. If so, this could be a very giant step forward in my voice over dream.