I Got to Visit a Real Recording Studio!

Yesterday I got to visit a real recording studio!! A friend of my dad's who went to the same school as him lives near us, and we just recently found out he's an audio engineer and has his own studio! So he invited us to his house. IT WAS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!

Here are some pics I took:

Here's a pic of the inside of his recording COMPLETELY soundproof booth. It was AWESOME! It was my natural habitat! It was so quiet on the inside! He built inside the main room of the house.

Aaaad here's a pic of his computer setup. I guessed that he probably uses Pro Tools, and I was right. Pro Tools is one of the best audio softwares available. He even had a custom programmed keyboard where each button does a different effect!

The whole experience was awesome, and I know that's what I'd like to be doing in ten years. It gave me some ideas and he told me a lot about what he does. He's not a voice actor himself, but people rent the studio for a few hours to their voice-overs. I hope to go there again soon and get some more wisdom!