I Got the Editing Job for the Youtuber!

This post is continuing my previous post.

After editing the first video for the Youtuber, I sent it to him and the next day he reviewed it. He was really impressed and said I captured his editing style perfect! I've already been watching him for at least 8 months, so I was familiar with the content he makes and the type of editing style he likes. Then we went on a call after that and he showed me some few parts that he changed in the video I edited for him. He also gave me some notes for any of his future videos, such as censoring curse words, getting a 10 second clip teaser for the beginning to get the audience interested, the video must be at least 8 minutes long as that's the minimum required time for Youtube videos to make ad revenue, and cut out any parts where he doesn't add much commentary to whatever he's reviewing. 

We agreed on a fair price per video I edit, and I'll be editing for him daily! This is going to be a good way to learn Premiere Pro, the video software I use to edit, and consistently edit videos fast.