Getting Monitor Stands

When I got my new desk I had to change my whole computer setup. The desk came with a shelf to attach, and I put one of my 2 monitors on it. I like to have my monitors raised high at eye level, so I'm not slouching to look at them. Unfortunately the shelf has enough space for just 1 monitor, which I keep as my secondary monitor. I use both a lot when editing, so I find myself craning my neck up and down when I look back and forth between the 2 monitors. I decided it was time to get a clamp on desk monitor stand, and I found a nice heavy duty one on Amazon that can hold 2 monitors at once!

The box came in 2 days ago, but I haven't gotten around to finish building it yet. The stand was only $40, but the box was pretty heavy, and almost all of the parts were heavy duty metal. I've got good hopes for it!