German Fiverr Gig

Today I got a Fiverr gig, but this time it was different from most of my gigs. This was for a videogame advertisement, but it was in German. In the ad (it was a live-action one, but I can't show you due to privacy) there was a young teen that looked around my age, but of course, he spoke in German. They wanted me to say what he said but in English. The ad was only 30 seconds long, and my character "boy" as they named him, had only around 5 sentences. They paid $55, which may seem like a lot for a few sentences, but they paid extra so that I have to match my words up with the boy's mouth in the ad. I decided to send it quickly (I sent it within the hour they hired me) so I could get extra tips and maybe a review, which is what I'm really trying to get; reviews that is (but I don't mind tips!). I'm waiting for their response (I sent it this morning, but they're in Germany so as I'm writing this at around 5:30 pm it's in the middle of the night for them), and I hope they got everything they need!