Creating a New Demo

I recently listened back to my demo reel on Fiverr, and as I did, I knew it was time for some editing. Some of the voice files in my old demo reel were from earlier this year or even last year, and I thought I should update it. 

I kept some voice files from before in my first reel (about 6 or 7), but most of them are from recent jobs. Here's my new one:

This second demo reel is only for Fiverr though. In my most recent blog post, I talked about considering voice acting on the site, The demo above took only about two hours to edit. Though I would really like to make several demos to prepare for Voice123 (it's still undecided). The reason I should make several is that since Voice123 is a pro site, clients would want to see my best work, and so I should keep categories organized. 
Most pro-voice-over sites require several demos for types of voice-overs you specialize in, such as character, narration, commercial, etc.

As you'll see in the video with the image slide, each voice file is a different type of voice-over. I was able to fit in character VO, educational VO, narration VO, and commercial VO (Voice Over)