Buying an $18 Capture Card from China

Lately I've been watching video tutorials on lighting, cameras, audio, and most tech stuff for making videos or for having a good looking live stream. Two years ago my aunt gave me a nice Canon Rebel T2i camera. The video quality is fantastic, and it focuses really nice on the target. Many big content creators use expensive Canon cameras for recording videos, but I soon found out I need a little converter called a capture card if I wanted to livestream with my Canon camera. Unfortunately, the only trusted brands that make capture cards sell them for well over $100. Without a capture card, I can't use my camera with my computer as a live camera, kinda like a webcam. I wasn't about to spend $100 on a capture card I've never had experience with, so on impulse I bought a random knock off capture card from some random brand for $18. It was definitely a dumb thing to do, but at the time I thought "it's only $18, why not at least try". It had mostly good reviews, but many of them said to buy it at your own risk. It arrived 2 days later in the mail, and I immediately plugged it into my computer, and the other end into my camera. Turns out it needs to be in a very specific type of USB port, but luckily my computer has 8 USB ports. The capture card worked! But it was still displaying a lot of overlay stuff from the camera, like the lighting and focus settings.

I'll be figuring out how to remove them, but so far it's looking good!