Auditioning for Animated Short Film

Last week I auditioned for an upcoming animated short. They hadn't named it yet but it's supposed to be like the movie The Iron GiantThe director said that she and a friend were entering in their animation in a contest (I don't know which one though), and they needed voices for the characters. They had four open roles: Parker (the older brother), Travis (the younger brother), Brian (the dad), and Samantha (the mom).

Here's some artwork they've shared for the characters (they didn't have one of the character Travis though):

I auditioned for the role of Parker. They had pictures of the character (I can't show them here though), and even just an image of the character gave me an idea of Parker: I'm guessing he's more of the adventure type with a strong imagination, which helped me "become" the character. From the time I wrote this, there were around 80 auditions for just the Parker character! But what I think is gonna give me a big chance of getting cast for him? I'm the only voice actor to audition with a natural voice for the age range of the character: around 13. For a while, my audition was at the bottom of the list of other auditions, so I didn't have a lot of upvotes (any member of CCC can vote or comment) on my audition because people couldn't find it. The top voted audition had nine upvotes, though it was an adult female doing a young voice, so it wasn't natural. Within the past day, my audition got 5 votes! (Keep in mind though that for how many votes someone has doesn't affect the actual casting).